Irelands Premier Gaming Convention. Brought to you by the Irish Games Association. 24 - 27 October 2014.

Irishmen and Irishwomen!

Gaelcon, through us, summons you to her flag!

Revolutionary fervour has gripped the con in its 25th year, as we've listened to the will of the people, and the will of the people is to game! As we return to the D4 Hotel in Ballsbridge, we've taken on board contributions from gamers the length and breath of the country and beyond, and you'll be able to see the results from the 24th-27th October, 2014.

We have a provisional timetable of games and blurbs to whet your appetite. With an expanded list of options in the RPGs and LARPs section, and a rating and hashtagging system, you can be sure to find a game to suit almost any taste. As new Wargame and CCG editions are released and the new tournaments styles are confirmed, we will be adding options to those games, so check back for more details as they're released. Don't forget to check out the Board games section for a quick pick-up-and-play game or a marathon session. Last but not least, check out the Special Events for anything too quirky, unusual or downright strange to be categorised into any of the other classes.

Donations have already started to come in for what has become for many a focal point at Gaelcon, the IGA Charity Auction, where through your kindness we have been able to raise over €300,000 for children's charities. Check out the Charity section for more information on the good your generosity does.

So, people of Gaelcon: we need you! We need you to give of your time as staff, to contribute your wits as GMs, to trade at our stands and to drink in our bars, but mostly - WE NEED YOU TO GAME!

*(and our gallant allies in Europe**)

**(and further afield)


Morning 11am-2pm Afternoon 3pm-6pm Evening 7pm-10pm Night 11pm-2am
Friday The Journal Murder Hobo 3
Poison House  Werewolf Moot (LARP)
Treasonous Times (LARP)
Warmahordes Free Play
#5-21: The Merchants Wake (T1-5)
#2-02: The Rebels Ransom (T5-9)
#5-12: Destiny of the Sands Part 1 (T1-5)
#5-99: The Paths we Choose (T3-7)
Saturday Nazi Death Apes Hogwarts Versus Zombies The Other Victims Glorious B******s
Voices from the Other Side 38th Parrallel The Principle Dilemna Scinitillian Concord (LARP)
Ruins of Olympus Quest for the True Song With Inellect and Decent Purpose (LARP)
Higher Powers #13 (LARP) Gilgamesh Pt. 1 (LARP)
Warmhordes Iron Gauntlet
40K Grand Tournament
WFB Grand Tournament
#5-15: Destiny of the Sands Part 2 (T1-5) Ruins of the Bonekeep 1 (T3-7)
#6-02: The Silver Mount Collection (T3-7) #6-03: The Technic Siege (T5-9)
#56: The Jesters Fraud (T5-9) #2-23: Shadows last stand part1 (T1-7) #6-01: Trial by Machine (T1-5)
#29: The Devil we know part 1 (T1-7) We be Goblins #30: The Devil we know part 2 (T1-7)
Dominion Tournament (13:00) Love Letter (16:00)
Sunday Troubleshooters Assemble In a Strange Eon Tropic Kill 2 Nightshift
Thirteen Candles Sirius Breach The Other Dream How Many Minutes to Midnight (LARP)
Blood and Iron A Vow That Cannot Wait Witch Trials (LARP)
Match of the Day (LARP) Higher Powers #14 (LARP)
Warmahordes Escalation and Iron Gauntlet Finals
40K Grand Tournament
WFB Grand Tournament
#41: The Devil we know part 3 (T1-7) We be Goblins too #48: The Devil we know part 4 (T1-7)
#17 – Perils of the Pirate Pact (T1-7) #2-24: Shadows last stand part2 (T1-7) #23: Tide of Morning (T1-5)
#5-16: Destiny of the Sands Part 3 (T3-7) Ruins of the Bonekeep 2 (T3-7)
#5-05: The Elven Entanglement (T7-11) #5-03: The Hellknight Feast (T5-9)
King of Tokyo Smack-Down (13:00) Blood bowl Team Manager World Cup (16:00)
Monday The Angels Among Us On The Flipside
Operation Catfight Time Travelling Werewolves from Spaaaaaace!
Emergency Measures Sharpe’s Village
Some say the Devil is dead. (LARP) Gilgamesh Pt. 2 (LARP)
Warmahordes Spell Draft
Star Trek : Attack Wing
Star Wars : X-Wing
Bolt Action
#33: Assault on the Kingdom of the impossible (T1-5) #43: The Pallid Plague (T1-7)
#24: Decline of Glory (T1-7) #1-37: The Beggar’s Pearl (T1-7)
#5-10: Where Mammoths Dare not Thread (T7-11)
Ruins of Bonekeep-Level Three: The Wakening Tomb
Sentinels of the Multiverse Gauntlet (13:00)
High Command